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I have been drawing my way through notepads since I got a handful of pencils and a lettering kit sometime in 1993. Fast forward a handful of years, a design degree, and professional calligraphy training, where most days you'll find me in my studio creating designs and lettering for brands and teaching modern calligraphy workshops at some of my favorite shops & boutiques around Portland. My sweet spot is working with wedding professionals and creatives business owners like you to help clarify brand messages and create compelling visuals. I believe in the brands I work with and I'm passionate about helping businesses find clarity, stand out, and tell their story beautifully and effectively. The icing on the cake is the creative community that comes from all of this--and the fact that by the time I wrap up a project, my clients have turned into friends and we're toasting launches and business successes.

When I'm not drawing letters, I am spending time with my author agent husband, Blair, eating tacos, sipping wine, chatting about the Enneagram (which is sort of how we met, but that's a story for another day), and curling up with a good book, which is probably something by Lauren Winner or Liane Moriarty (and, yes, I'm always taking book recommendations).