Will you keep doing what you've always been doing? 

Maybe you're wondering if you should take the leap or not. You can keep doing what you've been doing. You can try to piece together an intentional brand and logo, even if you're not a designer, to make do for now. You can continue to wonder if it's costing you potential business, the opportunity to uplevel, and the chance to position yourself alongside (and set yourself apart from) those brands you admire in your industry.


or you can choose to invest in your business and make a change.

You can decide it's time to put your best foot forward and reach your full potential. Your brand presence is the first impression you'll make on your potential client, and you can choose to ditch the DIY and set yourself a apart as a trustworthy expert within your industry. With a degree in graphic design, a background in marketing, and experience running a profitable business, I would love to help you elevate your brand. 


How does it work?

Throughout the process of working with hundreds of clients, I've developed a three step branding framework that will help your brand connect with your ideal client, establish your credibility, and beautifully convey the heart and soul of your work.



This phase starts with The Brand Discovery Questionnaire and a kick-off call to set the foundation for the creative brief and moodboard. Both of these are crafted through research and strategy to set the tone for your brand identity.  We explore questions like what sets your brand apart and how do we tell your brand story in a way that captures the affection of your audience?

02 | Design & REFINE

With some creative magic, plenty of drafts and sketches, and a lot of behind the scenes strategy, your brand directions will be brought to life. Get ready to see your new brand directions and hear the rationale behind each design. Once the initial design directions have been presented, we'll move into a stage of refining your selected design to get everything just so. 


Get ready to debut your new brand! Pop the bubbly as you prepare to wow your audience with a fresh, compelling, and strategic brand presence. Move forward with clarity, confidence, and excitement and experience firsthand your audience's enthusiasm. You'll be provided with a launch guide to help let your audience in on the process and celebrate this virtual launch! 


Ready for a free consult?

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