Tips for More Calligraphy Practice

Rachel Jacobson Portland Calligraphy Brush Lettering Workshop Pointed Pen Learn Calligraphy.jpg

When it comes to practice, if you wait for an expanse of time free of interruptions, it’s likely that it won’t happen very often. There are a million other things that can come in the way, and I’m sure you can think of a few right off the bat. But, if you’re like me and you wonder how you’ve managed to spend way too much time scrolling mindlessly on social media or perusing that new app you downloaded, you’ll quickly realize those little bits of time really add up.

What if you take those extra minutes and do something else? You might not have three hours, but you might have ten minutes. If you head a few posts back, I talk about this, and it’s really a shift in mindset. Because it begs the question, what are you doing with those in-between bits of time? What about ten or fifteen minutes after dinner or before you start your day or while you’re waiting on someone? Because the key to improvement is practice, and the key to practice is often as simple as starting. It doesn’t have to be perfect practice, or every-single-day practice, or even long stretches of practice. It’s simply putting pen to paper and making those shapes.

I want to help you make that happen. I’m excited to be sending over some tips, resources, words and phrases to practice over the coming weeks for #20calligraphyminutes. Ready to join in? Sign up to receive the emails as they’re sent out. I’d love to help you make time for some creativity in your life!

(Pictured is a snippet of my #20calligraphyminutes, writing out a favorite Mary Oliver poem, Wild Geese.)