Goal Setting: 20 Minutes of Calligraphy Every Day (and a new mixtape!)

Mix Tape Playlist Design March 19.jpg

After a little hiatus (well, almost a year), the playlist is back and this time it’s #calligraphynotes! I’ve told students in my last few brush lettering and pointed pen courses about a new goal: practice calligraphy for 20 minutes every day. Simple, right? So far, it’s proven more difficult than I would’ve thought. Carving out some just-for-me time to cue up favorite songs (hence the playlist for your listening pleasure), pour a glass of wine or cup of tea, and write—well, let’s just say it isn’t happening every day. As I know, life can derail even the best-laid (simple) plans. Not to mention the normal, even good, life interruptions and a generally unending to-do list.

But I’m also aware that new habits take time (and intentionality). So I’m forging ahead. As I like to tell my students, keep your calligraphy supplies out and ready to go. When you have a few minutes, it’s more likely that you’ll practice (rather than, say, mindlessly scroll Instagram) when your pen and notebook are sitting out in plain sight. For me, it’s the dining room table. So I’m doing that. The good thing? You don’t actually need a three hour block of time, even 15-20 minutes will do. And the beauty of calligraphy practice? It can be meditative and it’s actually really good for your brain.

So instead of scrolling mindlessly through social media and the inevitable #FOMO, here’s an idea. Write! Write with a brush or a pen or a pencil or a pointed pen or your favorite calligraphy tool that you found at the little corner store near you.

Want to join me on a journey to #20calligraphyminutes? It can be a work in progress… and nobody’s counting, but who knows! It might help make life a little happier and your brain a little sharper along the way.

In the meantime, here’s the playlist for your writing pleasure. I’ve returned to a few longtime favorites (Neil Young “Heart of Gold,” Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers “Learning to Fly,” and Ray Charles “What’d I Say”) and a handful of new-ish tunes that I’m loving (Billie Eilish “When the Party’s Over,” Beyonce “XO,” and Barns Courtney “99”). Calligraphy and good music make a good combo, IMHO. I hope it’s a wonderful backdrop for whatever it is you find yourself doing on this beautiful day.

And I’ll let you know how the #20calligraphyminutes unfold over the next few weeks. Happy Writing (and listening)!

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P.S. I just listed a new Introduction to Brush Lettering Workshop which will be at the cutest little shop in Sellwood-Moreland in my favorite city—Portland, Oregon. If you’re looking to join for an afternoon of wine, lettering, and, yes, delectable butter (!), now’s your chance.