Join the next Intro to Brush Lettering Workshop in Portland, Oregon!

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I am looking forward to teaching the next Introduction to Brush Lettering workshop later this month! I always tell my students that I love working with a brush because it's a little more versatile than the pointed pen (which consists of a nib and pen holder) and I use it for a more fluid, casual look. Though the brush technique is based on the thicks and thins of creating letters with a nib, the bristles allows you to write on a variety of different surfaces with all kinds of inks and paints (whether it's on a rock, marble, chalkboard, sign, or any kind of non-paper surface, it's my go-to tool)! Also, it doesn't get more therapeutic than queuing up a favorite playlist, pulling out the ink and brush, and writing.

Interested in learning? This class will cover beginning brush calligraphy techniques, exploring everything from how to hold the brush, create and shape letters, put together words and phrases to personalizing your style. In this interactive and hands on workshop, there’s time for instruction and practice and attendees will receive a curated starter kit with my favorite brush lettering materials. I'll be at City Home in SE Portland on June 24th—spots are going fast and I would love to have you join! 

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