The Best Gold Ink for Modern Calligraphy

The Best Gold Inks for Modern Calligraphy Pink-01.png

Since I get so many questions about the best metallic and gold ink, I wanted to share my favorite(s) with you. Honestly, there's one tried-and-true ink that I always return to. It's dries just so, looking beautiful on envelopes, name cards, or written out for a favorite quote.

But before you get started, know that it will take a little troubleshooting. It can sometimes be finicky, which is why I like to keep a small jar of water at hand, for dipping the nib if it starts to build up (which will often cause the ink to drip when you're least expecting it). Scratch paper is also really handy, to get in the habit of making a few marks after dipping the nib in the ink. This will help get rid of any drips before you start writing on that envelope or final piece. It's never fun to end up with a glob of ink on the page when you've just about completed the calligraphy!

Moving from the ink that I supply in my workshops takes some getting used to (I supply Higgins Eternal Ink and/or Sumi Ink), as the consistency is quite different. Have fun practicing and experimenting with the ink so you can get a feel for working with a thicker ink. If you do decide to dip the nib in water, make sure that you don't add so much that the ink is watered down. It's difficult to see those hairlines if too much water gets mixed in with the ink.

Here are my favorite golds:

1. Dr PH Martin's Copperplate Gold - my very favorite and the best IMHO.


2. Finetec Gold Palette - this one will just need to be brushed on. This video is a great example of how to do that!


Other fun metallic inks to try:

3. Dr PH Martin's Copper & Dr. PH Martin's Bronze