NYE & Resolutions

Once I've finished up these brush lettered addresses and stamped each envelope, these New Year's cards will be on their way and I'll be crossing off something I've planned to do every year until now (I know, finally). Because in my humble opinion, not much beats snail mail, photos from friends on the mantle or the fridge, and a note to say "hello" and "I'm thinking of you." 


In every one of my calligraphy workshops we talk about hand writing and how rare it is to make time to write a note or a letter and drop it in the mail. It takes intentionalitity and some planning. So whether you're sending love notes or soaking up some leisure time on the last Saturday morning of 2016, Happy New Year to you and yours. May this be a good one. 


Thanks to Minted for making these quick and easy to customize and order. And thanks to Madeline Metcalf for taking Blair and I around NW Portland for some coffee and snapshots.