What will YOU get? 

Design packages contain tailor made combinations of the following elements:

+ Custom Logo Design

Every logo design is created from scratch following the brand strategy phase. This piece is often your first impression, so we want to make sure that it's making the right impression. We want this to set the tone for how your potential client experiences your brand. We'll create something timeless, true-to-you, and head turning.

+ Color palettes, Mood Board, typography, and patterns

These elements will compliment the logo and build a solid brand identity—one that will invite your ideal clients to fall in love with your unforgettable brand. 

+ Design for marketing pieces

Every business has additional pieces that are essential to their client process and online presence, and these are the perfect place to continue to build brand consistency (which translates to brand trust). 


+ Social media profile graphics
+ Product Packaging
+ Business Cards
+ Stickers
+ Blog Post Templates
+ Icon Design
+ Notes & thank you cards
+ One-page PDF worksheets
+ Opt-in design
+ Newsletter Design
+ Instagram or Facebook promo or story graphics
and more! 

+ Brand Guideline

This will be your road map for how to successfully implement your new brand. This outlines all of the visual elements and how to put them together for a cohesive presence that builds credibility and trust through a compelling and consistent brand identity. 

+Social Media Profiles 

Translate your new brand to all of your social media channels. This makes it simple with clear and easy to use files that can be put to use wherever your potential clients will be seeing you! 


And get this bonus...

You'll receive the Brand Launch Guide to help you get your audience excited and build momentum as you celebrate the debut of your new brand! #popthebubbly



Let's get started.

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