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Hi, I'm so glad you're here!

If you’ve got a business (calling all wedding professionals, stylists, and creative business magic-makers)
and you’re ready to ditch the DIY and spruce up your online presence, I’m your gal.

I believe in you and what you’re doing. And I’m here to help you uncover the meaning and story within your brand and craft a head-turning online presence that will connect with your ideal audience for a thriving and profitable business. I wholeheartedly believe that you can build the life and business that you love, right now.

It starts with building an intentional brand presence.

You know those brands and stores with an unforgettable experience? Imagine walking into one of those shops—the smells and music, the way the light pours in, the beautiful packaging, and those final touches that have a certain j nais se quo. That undeniable and irresistible factor starts with clarity and intention. And it's woven through all of the brand elements to create a memorable experience. It begins with clarity, intentionality and a crystal clear sense of what will capture the attention of the target audience. 

We can create that kind of experience for your potential clients. 

If you’re ready for clarity and intention to help you stand out in a sea of other creatives, I'd love to connect.


A little more of the backstory.

I'm Rachel, the gal behind this studio. I am passionate about working with other women-run businesses to help elevate their brand visuals, build an intentional presence, and grow a profitable business. I also create calligraphy and hand lettering for logos and designs and teach others to embrace their own creativity (and try something new!) with calligraphy workshops. While studying graphic design in college, I indulged a lifelong penchant for type and letters and signed up for a calligraphy class with Robert Palladino. I was hooked. I spent the last ten years working in marketing, design, and education before launching this studio in 2014. I love incorporating the warmth and personality of the handwritten word into the design work that I do.  

I'm a 6 with a 7 wing on the Enneagram (and, yes, I would love to chat about your type over coffee) and you can often find me reading a memoir or wine tasting with my husband, Blair, in the state we love and call home (when it's not raining, because #oregonians). Hail Merry chocolate is my love language. Though I'm a self-proclaimed homebody, I'll usually say "yes" to exploring a new city or going out for a good 80's dance night. 

If you're in the PNW, let's grab coffee! I'd love to connect. 

photo credit: Evernew